We like to win.

We understand there is a new playbook for advancing an agenda in Washington. Traditional, transactional shoe-leather lobbying isn’t enough anymore. Whether from coast to coast or around the globe, success requires a seamless, persuasive and gripping integration of messages and messengers, supported by the logic that only data can provide.

Cogent Strategies is proud to be a certified woman-owned small business that marries policy substance with incisive storytelling – leveraging government relations expertise, public relations smarts and data-driven solutions to deliver results for our clients. Led by veteran GOP operative Kimberley Fritts, we founded Cogent Strategies on a set of core principles and shared values. Hard work. Clarity. Ingenuity.

The Cogent team brings decades of experience winning on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue and across the country to bear for clients large and small. Proven leaders in their own rights, our team cut its teeth where it counts: in the halls of Congress and the White House, newsrooms, boardrooms, or on the trail.

We focus on what we do best and what we are passionate about: solving big problems and seizing big opportunities – and staying ahead of the curve when it comes to how opinions are shaped, how audiences absorb and engage with media, and how laws and regulations are designed and advanced.

We know how to reach those who matter, on the platforms they care about, and with the messages and messengers that will move them.

Doggedly inventive, the Cogent team crafts and executes fully-integrated, data-driven campaigns backed by best-in-class policy and political smarts, 535-member reach and game-changing technology that changes outcomes.

The landscape has changed. We have the new roadmap.

Clear. Compelling. Convincing. This is Cogent.