There is no question there has been a paradigm shift when it comes to influencing public policy. Success increasingly requires building real, sustainable grassroots and grass tops support from constituents back home. It requires a movement.

We drive targeted messaging and engagement campaigns online that resonate. Leveraging data and analytics – never age-old assumptions – and high-impact creative and advertising that challenges and sways, we turn supporters into champions, influencers into advocates, targets into communities, voices into conversation.

But we understand that content and advertising are only as good as the outcomes they produce. Through highly sophisticated targeting, we execute initiatives that earn high-level media attention, get the attention of key influencers and win grassroots support for policy goals.

From building a savvy web platform to deploying convincing content across key social platforms, to executing online advocacy campaigns, our team of digital and creative experts knows how to strategize and optimize to reach the audiences who matter most to achieve success online.

There is no need for guesswork anymore when it comes to changing public opinion. It is about precision, speed and clarity.

Who’s influencing the conversation, who’s influencing the influencers, and what are the best channels and messages for moving them? At Cogent Digital, we lift the fog to offer the most enlightened engagement possible.

Anchored by our substantive policy and political experts, the proprietary analytics technology that we’ve built around them is a game-changer, and so is our in-house creative team and our roster of former journalists and communicators.

It is a marriage that results in more persuasive storytelling. More exact, efficient targeting. More effective outreach.


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  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media Management
  • Data and Analytics
  • Blogger and Online Media Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization
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